Our Why


I’m building Contxt to be a consent & privacy-focused multimedia interpersonal wiki.

Your place to preserve the context of your relationships: the moments, digital artifacts and tid bits that remind us why we love and appreciate our people.

My vision is to create a social documentation platform that fosters genuine connection and appreciation in order to mend the societal fabric that’s been torn apart by systems that benefit from (and therefore, propagate) polarization, isolation, and hyper-individualism.

Our 3 Obvious Truths:

  • Our attention is sacred
    • I believe one of the biggest techno-social blunders made in the 21st century was Facebook’s 2006 decision to switch from posting on each other’s walls to posting into an algorithmic Newsfeed. The trillion-dollar attention economies that this decision spawned has fueled genocides, mental health crises, and a global isolation epidemic. Contxt is building an alternative economy, one I like to call the Appreciation Economy, which thrives when we listen to and celebrate those around us.
  • Words matter
    • We love words and believe they should be preserved and compensated when arranged in intriguing, funny, or meaningful ways. Because words matter, consent is a cornerstone around all documentation that happens within Contxt. This is pivotal to avoid the privacy and data issues that have plagued the social era.
  • Appreciation leads to connection
    • When you feel appreciated by someone, it’s nearly impossible to not feel connected to them. Once you feel connection with someone, it’s way easier to find something to appreciate about them. We’re designing Contxt to catalyze an unstoppable flywheel of collective appreciation and connection to heal the deep wounds of hatred and isolation we see today.